What is toot.berlin?

The Mastodon instance for Berlin. Mastodon is a free, decentralised microblogging platform (think Twitter, but free).

Provided by the devops nerds at Planio.

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Home to 617 users
Who authored 22,672 statuses
Connected to 6,910 other instances
This instance is humming nicely on a 6 core, 16 GB RAM KVM VM on a 12 core, 128 GB RAM bare metal hardware node with dual SSDs in a RAID1, hosted at Hetzner in Germany with multiple redundant uplinks on 100% renewable energy sources. We perform offsite backups daily and upgrade to the latest Mastodon version frequently.

TL;DR We know what we are doing and your data should be safe. However, since this is a free service, we do not guarantee it.

Code of conduct: We value free speech as long as it's not harming anybody. Just don't be a jerk.