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Happy New Year #2021 from

Celebrating in a restaurant with great food, wine/cocktails and amazing service.

Got greeted with a double rainbow from to this morning plus some interesting scenery on the flight above.

lol GERMAN in all caps for a crappy support sharepoint role (not looking but my freelance profile is still online)

Taken sometime earlier this week: a large Weihnachstbaum near the Zoologischer Garten and there is a popup shop for some "Berlin Food Week" in Bikini Berlin with this setting (you buy set cocktails, desserts, sides, even lobster soup made by restaurants).

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Went out to the markets to buy fruit, veggies, Spanish chorizo and cheeses and these displays out with the real foliage.

Mood as I plan to attempt to work tonight after about 6 hours of tasks/chores around Berlin today.

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