My trends on Twitter are set to South Korea and this is what's happening now... Probably related to that Bayern thing with BTS

"When we reach the upper float portion of the S-curve and things become habitual or automatic, our brains create less feel-good chemicals and boredom can kick in, making an emotional case of personal disruption" - Whitney Johnson

budgeting, $ 

Despite the two month travel, didn't do that much damage in terms of expenses. Plus I have a surplus which will get applied to March expenditure.

Blue is income, red is expenses

Ok no vidya games...atm

Friedrich Schiller's Die Räuber und eine große Cappucino.

Back from a large dinner m/ @raucao Starter of Turkish dumplings with chili and yogurt and seafood arancini.
Main of beef (medium rare) tagliata and mezzi rigatoni with oxtail ragu.
Finished with espresso.
Had a Maltese wine and a spritz (aperol, and a Maltese wine with pear liquer).

Had to roll out into rained on streets 1.5hrs later!! :D

Based on actual vaccination rate, in which the vaccination rate will probably decrease thanks to production issues.

And this is also based on 54% wanting to get it.

If 70% of the population want the vaccination, I won't be getting the first dose LATE 2022-EARLY 2023.

Japanese beer and Asian food time after learning more about Mdina. .

I ordered roast duck with pancakes and steamed dim sum.

NZ angus ribeye premium steak (kobe style) with truffle butter and this amuse bouche of sheeps's milk cheese and olive tapenade. The restaurant has an open bar for you to see the meat.

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