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Friend to friend: When you make a release please take a few minutes to make a human-readable changelog of what has changed since the last release?

Your commit-messages are not a changelog.

Let me re-iterate:

Your commit-messages are _not_ a changelog.

A changelog allows me to follow what you were thinking between releases.

A commit log shows me your keystrokes between releases.

I need to know what you were thinking.

Thank you.

@craigmaloney @TheDoctor We use towncrier to build news fragments to publish public-readable release notes github.com/hawkowl/towncrier

@superruserr @TheDoctor slight irony that the project doesn't have a file called Changelog. :eyethink:

🐰hannah (toot.berlin) @superruserr

@craigmaloney @TheDoctor Hmm...

Are change logs and release notes the same thing or somewhat different ?

I may be confusing terminology on my end with what you are looking for.

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@superruserr @TheDoctor Was in part because the release notes are under NEWS and not where I thought they would be.