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@superruserr Yeah the whole insurance industry is absolutely garbage, and because everyone believes they need insurance for everything. Places where someone my reasonably want insurance are finding it far too expensive because the companies know people will pay rediculous rates.

🐰hannah (toot.berlin) @superruserr

@Siedge mastodon.infra.de/@galaxis/999 has an interesting take on this.

It reminds me of another morning news segment when someone was recommending terrorism insurance also.

It puts the focus on paying for insurance, rather than, say, having more dedicated IT people doing security or upskilling existing staff into security.

They might be focusing on a soundbite and it also makes the segment sound like they are running content advertising instead.

@superruserr @Siedge If this becomes popular I really hope it’s well regulated. Organisations will be making a calculation about whether to protect their users or to pay a fee, which will almost certainly be cheaper. Yes they should factor in the risk of reputation damage, but can’t rely on people not to make the short term choice.