*sigh* I have a potential family emergency coming up back in Oz so now it looks like I might have to pony up funds to be there by November or December this year depending on how things go.

The flight caps are going to make this tough

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Australia is so set on maintaining the status quo that it is largely major sporting events, someone's death or celebrities go on the news about the latest scandal, otherwise nobody cares that it has been 500 days and counting since they enacted the border policy

so the only way to deal with this:

- hope nothing blows up by the rest of the year

- save money and work

- hope there is some decency left that they can do home quarantine (ex vaccinated people) and lift flight caps (rn, empty planes are flying over)

- try to move on for now because little I can do

A flight from the UK to Australia is the cost of a university degree.

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