Australia lets in thousands of players/staff for a stupid tennis match (Australian Open) while they leave 10,000's of citizens behind as part of their ZeroCOVID shit so that they can be smug about it.

The only good thing is that the tennis players are complaining about the conditions including a rat 🐀 in a dirty hotel room (which is the reality).

re: zeroCOVID utopian bullshit. Australian-German equivalent (the car crash that I've been witnessing for months) is them not seeing their mom/dying grandma in Bavaria unless they pay $15,000 to Deutsche Bahn and mandatory quarantine in a sh*t hotel room with a rat, being forced with 3 negative PCR tests, plus waiting 8 months to buy a train ticket because Bavaria only allows 50 out of state visitors per month because too many people would overwhelm them and they want to 90+ day 0 new cases...


...all while the World Cup and Oktoberfest is allowed in the state to 'entertain' the Bavarians and give them "normality".

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