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@loke I'd like to learn German and French in a more formal setting (self-teaching atm). I even thought about living in a country with different timezones to where I am so that I can do French language schools during the day and work at night. I lived in Germany for a bit and moving to France in a couple of months.

I know two Asian languages and studied Japanese in high school but most of it has escaped me now. Otherwise I don't know any other non-Latin alphabets like Russian or Mandarin.

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@nydel hannahsuarez.me mainly for work related items. It's on Jekyll hosted on Github pages.

hannahsuarez.me/blog for travel and personal posts.

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Ich habe alle Kapitel des CCNA CyOps SECFND Buches abgeschlossen. Jetzt habe ich mehr Zeit, um vor der Prüfung zu revidieren.

Heute: und CCNA CyOps lernen. Ich habe ein Prüfung im Juni.

Having my long-term goals (ie 30 years) etc has helped build optimism.

> Through employment of specific coping strategies, optimism exerts an indirect influence also on the quality of life. Optimism may significantly influence mental and physical well-being by the promotion of a healthy lifestyle as well as by adaptive behaviours and cognitive responses, associated with greater flexibility, problem-solving capacity & a more efficient elaboration of negative information.



I got into private banking/wealth management accidentally (not in-house, but more from a market research company). Which is actually a good subject to be on because it intersects with other topics that I'm also interested in at the time - like expat, offshoring, etc. But their focus was on UHNWI/HNWI which wasn't really -that- appealing. It's hard to find something in finance that was interesting enough to stick to, other than what's relevant to me personally (leanfire, fire, etc). I might make myself get into the field in the future, but it feels too traditional / conservative for me at the moment.

It sounds like I am really into this topic for a long time, but I never really got myself together until a few years ago and it was due to mistakes. I'm still not in position that I like or want to be but I want to improve. I like this topic because it gives me some control over my life so there is also a 'good feeling vibe' aspect to this. My personal circumstance is not that good also also but I don't feel like complaining about things.

Funny enough the latest book I was in the middle of reading (that's not tech related or someone's ebook) is Capital in the 21st Century by Thomas Piketty, something I'd call 'pop finance'.

Hey all! Excited to announce a very new (and poised for content) #mastodon instance: organizing.social !

Hearing about all the amazing upgrades in @Gargron's 2.4 announcement inspired me.

This will be a space for #CommunityOrganizing - to share news, campaigns, calls to action, and work with others to be as effective as we can with our varied, but interconnected, struggles for global justice

Invite link (max 25 users)

Please join and share!
<3 Mastodon

@0x11de784a @superruserr

Working holiday visa for two years. i lived in Vancouver and Toronto. Vancouver's really nice with the nature etc, but I already spent some time there and was ready to go somewhere else. Toronto was much more interesting - more opportunities, more multicultural, etc, has lakes and parks you can go to. It was good overall in travelling to the US.

Blog post with tags about Canada: http://hannahsuarez.me/blog/tag/canada/

I even went as far as compiling the paperwork to become a Canadian permanent resident but didn't go through with it last year since I had to stay in the country 3 yrs out of 5 and I don't really particularly find Canada that appealing, other than how multicultural is it.

re: DNs.

I don't move around a lot in the same way that other 'DNs' do. The big difference is that I've stayed long enough to be an actual resident (DNs work while on holiday, tourist visas), and am an actual resident but working from home. It's just that I also use the flexibility to be able to work remotely and travel when I want to (the exception is if I'm on holidays). This is because some remote jobs require you to be on a strict online schedule, or some jobs require a lot of hardware making travel difficult, or some jobs have security requirements against taking the work overseas. It's just a term/semantics used, the other term used is '#expat' (though not immigrant, since I'm not actually immigrating) but yes I don't do a lot of work in cafes etc, I find that a bit uncomfortable!


Hi, I'm Thog, a 20 year old French baguette actually student @ 42.

I do IT, system programming, software engineering and a lot of reverse engineering recently always seeking for any bit of new knowledge.

I love reading and I am also an audiophile.

Oh and I'm also a moderator here, at your service 👼

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@maloki I'm asking this myself from people but I'm so lazy!
I am a software developer from Russia (originally Siberia, St Petersburg now) moving to Germany.
I'm into sustainability, privacy and libre software, coops and urbanism, bikes. So, #solarpunk.
I've also became more leftish since I joined Masto 1.5 years ago 😅
I'm working on Tusky in my free time and I plan to do it much more now!
I totally forgot something important but what can I do :3

@cynicalsecurity here in Japan it's even worse, youngsters don't even know how to use a computer. Everything is done on a closed, almost unhackable iPhone. I mean, some don't even know how to use a keyboard...

My appointment with a tax adviser to take care of Australian stuff - basically, nothing to worry about, just need to do self-assessment and set aside $ to pay for tax end of financial year. It's actually good I had the appointment otherwise I'll have various ideas going through my head and it'll just be a waste of energy.

@kaniini @rtwx

That reminds me, there was this French movie (on Netflix) that did the whole gender-power/reveral thing. Reposting because it was the wrong link. This is the right YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bFHdkzqSZA

It was based on the short film "Oppressed Majority" https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7&v=V4UWxlVvT1A&has_verified=1

The movie is called "I am not an easy man", a French film by Eleonore Pourriat.

CW: for some nudity

#french #film

as an example, there has been many DNSBL litigation attempts in the US, which have mostly been seen as SLAPP (strategic litigation against public participation) litigation and thrown out. there is a pretty detailed set of Reasons somewhere around here (need to look it up) which provide guidance to US and Canadian judges on how to handle spammers abusing courts to be delisted

i tried to see if there were any litigation attempts in the UK against spamhaus (steve linford who operates it is a british citizen), as a possible preview of what may happen with dzuk's blocklist in the future, but could not find any. it seems that most spammers preferred to try to litigate against spamhaus in the US or in the netherlands

so, unfortunately, the question of "will dzuk ever face litigation for operating his blocklist" is an open question -- there's no evidence for or against the notion that litigation related to blocklists in a british court would be successful -- but, indeed, to me it seems like applying their very far-reaching libel law would be a good strategy for obtaining damages due to a blocklist listing maintained by a british citizen

in the US, at least, blocklists and similar advisories are protected speech under the CDA, similarly, use of a blocklist is protected speech under the CDA

as it applies to the fediverse, however, the blocklist most people complain about is dzuk's and he is british, so it is possible we might see an attempt to apply british libel law in this way against him at some point in the future when one of the instances who is on the blocklist has an admin who is clever enough to do such a thing

On that note, I get sappy easily and I'm also the type of person that cries after watching Star Wars / Wonder Women / Avengers / God of War video game walk throughs / you name it

The 'Royal Wedding' has me thinking about my own situation of being in one-sided/unrequited situations. I didn't watch it. But it's so nice to show out to the world two people, one from a very 'normal' background who overcame odds in her life, and seeing these two who are really into each other publicly, making for a nice change of pace when it comes to news today.

...hey at least my future tax contributions will go towards more sparkling water fountains in Paris...

Travelling is overrated. The only times I enjoy it is the anticipating of travel and on arrival.