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I'm now mainly at:

@superruserr (tech, infosec)

@hcs@pleroma.site (personal)

@hcs (mainly travel, but gnusocial based)

@superruserr (learning french, though a bit quiet)


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@nydel hannahsuarez.me mainly for work related items. It's on Jekyll hosted on Github pages.

hannahsuarez.me/blog for travel and personal posts.

It's July, I bought a bottle of Vita Malz for my parents in Australia in December and they still haven't opened the damn bottle.

Another look of the necklace-with-the-lockpicking-thingy earlier but this time with a red/purple top that I was layering under the shirt.

It also looks pretty nice with the color.

sorry for the weird angle, I cropped it out since I kind of was giving out Argentinian tango dancer vibes.

I think I need to set up and think about some posItive, mid (2-4 years) and long (5 to 10 years) term goals, that is SMART, because I feel really unmotivated by things right now.

I used to have my own Kanban board where I did this but I stopped working on it sometime mid 2019.

I need to get on to this work thingy on the long weekend ... at some point .

(Not my photo)

Wow, Netflix has 'The Fifth Estate' which is based on Wikileaks.

Schöne Ecken. #Berlin ist voll davon ..

.. uns Mitten im Hood unser #Liezensee

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No idea what happened but I think the last landlord backtracked on keeping part of the kaution as soon as I mentioned tenant's association so now I am getting all deposit back.


Earlier today, I was trying out one of my Hervé Leger dresses. I might wear it on my bday thing later this month, a small gathering with just my sis. But we need to find some place in ...

Australian hotel quarantine: You are now going to pay for your own two week quarantine which is $2300+ at a hotel

Also, Australian hotel quarantine: Our guards and hotel staff had sex with the 'guests' and didn't do social distancing which contributed to an outbreak at one the cities.

This is really disturbing, especially since the article calls them "guests". I mean, if you are forced to be quarantined in a hotel you are not a guest!!

Frying chicken with these spices I bought at an African food festival event at Alexanderplatz last year and eating it with frijoles that I bought pre-made at a Mexican tienda and takeaway place.

Really nice guy manning that place.

Haven't done anything else so far today but I should now..

HK is like the Chad of the Asian world rn. The UK wants them, the Australians want them. Close cultural and language connections to China, making the country bringing them in more set in future trade and relations with China.

"Australia is also now considering safe haven proposals for Hong Kong residents, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, after China imposed a new national security law on the financial hub."


I had this thought as well, for Australia, following Boris' speech.

I am going to try saffron-infused-milk with coffee tomorrow. I had that at this cafe near KaDeWe and it was really nice. They also had some ground pistachio with the coffee.

Ever since I bought this mortar and pestle at the market, it has been a great quality of life investment.


LOL. The wedding calculation is what I do all the time when I meet with people.

Guiltily, this is what went through my head when I argue with support people "You're in a dying industry that will be irrelevant in 10 years, so just call it a day and give me a refund" 🤤

...now comes the annoying questions from the numerous people from the COVID blocked countries (Germany and EU) about whether or not they can enter, how to quarantine, etc....

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