N00B Question: What is the statutory pension contribution % like? Because atm my calculations is way off?

How much are people usually contributing, maybe on average?

And how do you even sign up as a freelancer to the German pension scheme?

(before anyone comments: I need to be on a pension scheme to get my long term permit for the EU)

Had my first foray into Amazon telephone customer service and is the reason why I just hate calling customer service in Germany.
1. couldn't help, 2. spoke German but shouted at me, 3. Only German bu transferred me, 4. English speaker and finally helped out. Only took 50 min

Australia, "best in class for pandemic response" think it's only "disagreeable" that someone doesn't get a once in a lifetime opportunity to support their parent during cancer treatment


“People give up their power by thinking they don’t have any.”

*sigh* I swapped village sounds in rural sicily with mitte-living sounds in Berlin and it's as shitty as you think.

Official GitHub Organization of the EU Digital COVID Certificates (EUDCC) project, previously known as the EU Digital Green Certificates (DGC).


Does anyone here know of a supplier in Berlin that does cocktail making kits to send out, en masse?

Australia - the only country that's going to stop me from seeing my healthy vaccinated parents.

Let's stop lauding them for their Covid19 approach

Encouragement is nothing when it's not backed up with action

Want to make progress on your big goals/projects?

Use this Weekly Review...

✔️ HOW far did you get on key priorities this week?

✔️ WHAT worked well and what did not?

✔️ WHY did these work? Or not work?

> Australian man dies in COVID-ravaged India as country’s death toll soars

In a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, a Sydney woman identifying as his daughter said her father died from COVID-19 after being “abandoned” by the Australian government.


Wonder who the Australians will believe - their lying Prime Minister or the grieving family.

> Australia Finance Minister Simon Birmingham told The Australian today that the country would likely not reopen its borders until well into 2022. The previous target date for reopening had been June 17.

> In April, a "travel bubble" opened between New Zealand and Australia allowing their citizens to mix without quarantining. But because of several cases, that, too, is currently suspended.

Australia basically just keeps on failing.

Anyway, now sitting at the gate. There are three different checkpoints to check if you have a test result that I had:

- Bag drop off
- Before the security gate
- At the boarding gate

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And add to that, a Spanish couple next to me screaming and crying as they couldn't drop off their bags.

Anyway test app was fucked, there is no fucking way this provider can do anything more like do vaccination passports because they can't even work to give me my results.

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I'm flying back to Berlin from Spain.

Mayhem with the Covid19 test (rapid antigen only). No slots at the airport test centre. I had to refresh the page multiple times to get a spot but was too late.

At airport, the line was long so I start lining an hour early which was OK with them.

To add to the mayhem, their test result app is completely broken. It turned out that they emailed me the result anyway which I had to bring up my laptop to the bag check desk.

Lol, hope Australia has fun keeping borders closed indefinitely until the whole world vaccinates. Might as well ban everyone coming in, including citizens (except for sportspeople, the rich, elite, and celebrities...)

Fuck the Australian PM who now thinks the church should be given more powers (and with an actual ban on Australian citizens from India arriving back in Australia, is now worse than America+Trump)


Australia has criminalized return of its citizens from India. You would think a year on now that they have something actually set up.
India: 147+ million vaccinations, exported 33 million doses, has done more to fight against Covid19 compared to Oz. bbc.com/news/world-australia-5

For the first time, Germany hits the million mark in terms of vaccinations in one day! impfdashboard.de/

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