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I'm now mainly at:

@superruserr (tech, infosec)

@hcs (personal)

@hcs (mainly travel, but gnusocial based)

@superruserr (learning french, though a bit quiet)


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@nydel hannahsuarez.me mainly for work related items. It's on Jekyll hosted on Github pages.

hannahsuarez.me/blog for travel and personal posts.

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re: daily language class Show more

re: daily language class Show more

I think my online German teacher is teaching next to a noisy snorer :D

Hello friends of hackers.town!

Here’s some interesting people I follow. If I follow you and you’re not on the list, I very probably think you’re interesting also!












#FF #StillHere

Der Mörder und sein Schmutzengel.

Willst du wohnen? Dann musst du leben.
Sonst wohnst du auf dem Friedhof.

Homebank - es ist ein Freie Software für deine personalisch Finanz


homebank.free.fr/en/downloads. (Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Arch, Debian, Open SUSE, Fedora, Gentoo etc)

Wieso wird Artikel 13 zwingend zu Uploadfiltern führen? Und wieso wird das nicht die Urheberrechte stärken, sondern die großen Plattformen noch mächtiger machen?

Why will Article 13 necessarily lead to upload filters? And why will not this strengthen the copyright, but make the big platforms even more powerful?

Good video in German but with English subtitles


Guten Morgen ihr Lieben, habt einen schönen Tag. 😊 ☕

Just published on opensource.com - writeup on Reducing Security Risks with Centralized Logging opensource.com/article/19/2/re

Around this time last year I was doing a CompTIA test while preparing my move out of Berlin to Australia for a short while and a lot of things up in the air, it was definitely a moody and anxious time last year.