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I'm now mainly at:

@superruserr (tech, infosec)

@hcs (personal)

@hcs (mainly travel, but gnusocial based)

@superruserr (learning french, though a bit quiet)


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@nydel hannahsuarez.me mainly for work related items. It's on Jekyll hosted on Github pages.

hannahsuarez.me/blog for travel and personal posts.

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Der Spiegel to run 23-page special on reporter who faked stories

German magazine calls Claas Relotius scam ‘worst thing that can happen’ to editorial team


Not only that but I think this will bite back for the magazine in the long run.

We ❤️ #pleroma

We will be sharing the new Micro UI with the pleroma project and working with pleroma developers to implement it after we launch pixelfed federation support.


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@cj It's close to English
der Code, der Quellcode; die Quellen
die Funktion, die Methode
der Parameter, das Argument
die Variable, der Platzhalter (rare)
der Typ

The attempts at Germanizing ("eindeutschen") everything is something people often frown upon. We might still use Rechenzentrum (RZ) or Elektronischedatenverarbeitung (EDV). But in programming, we just translate English to German.

To insist on German words would be disrupting, i.e. with ulterior motives.

Untranslatable Words: "Waldeinsamkeit"

Refers to a very specific feeling – the feeling of being alone in the woods.

What does Waldeinsamkeit literally translate to?

Wald means wood/forest.

Einsamkeit means loneliness, or solitude.

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Chancellor Merkel explaining to a 101 year old woman that she is not Madame Macron :P


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@superruserr Willkommen und danke fürs Folgen. Ich freue mich.

Ich kann mir irgendwie nicht vorstellen das das schmeckt.

German word of the day: Feierabendrunde.

#ff because I feel like it

@arcans for the fitness posts

@kensanata always a good chat

@vilbi for DE politics and interesting snapshots of life in Germany

Heute: mystisch

#BiBesch See. Seichter Nebel. Links und rechts umsäumt von teilweise agbelaubten Bäumen. Das Licht ist düster, da der Sonnenaufgang bevorsteht. Die Sonnenstrahlen lassen die Linien der Flugzeuge strahlen. Der Himmel ist in Pastell gehüllt. Das blau geht in rosa über.

@zyx I'm sure there's a German word for that crushing feeling when you reach for your mug/cup/cafetiere and realise it's empty.

@hcs 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

coffe(e|in) free month? 😱😱😱

30 Minuten Arbeit. Dann geh zum . 💻 💓