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Random DN/travel bio

* Almost applied for my Canadian citizenship (dual) but decided against it

* Once had an 8 year digital nomad plan (lol)

* Wanted to travel/work since I was 20, the first time I moved overseas was 23

* Almost had a plan to do Netherlands-Norway-Australia-Germany for 3 years (visa juggling)

* Working remotely since 2015 (officially) but more like 2014 (for various reasons..)

* Lived in 7 countries

My blog is

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@nydel mainly for work related items. It's on Jekyll hosted on Github pages. for travel and personal posts.

Unpopular opinon:
If the Chinese-made Sinovac vaccine has a 50.4% effectiveness rate, versus the Pfizer/BioNTech which is 97% effective then by and large, this means that "vaccination passports" will also yield a similar effect to the widely used travel passport where some passports are just stronger than others.

The fact that a High Court petition has to be done to allow Holocaust survivors (w/out their Green Pass which is the vaccination certification/passport program) to participate in Holocaust remembrance days in Israel says it all really.

"International law recognises the strong bond between individuals and their homeland and no respectable government would impose travel caps to prevent, for over a year, its citizens from returning if they are prepared to do quarantine,” he said.

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Stranded abroad, Australians lodge UN petition against government for ‘right to return home’

Prominent human rights advocate Geoffrey Robertson QC, whose firm represents Julian Assange, will be presenting the petition at the UN Human Rights Committee

Vale Brendan Harkin of

Passed away suddenly.
The events, and the people there, were a global window into the world and a big inspiration for me.
Had lunch with him in London to talk about conferences, back when I was into events organizations.

"And that was what made me so determined," he continued. "I was like, you know, you're making fun of me. So I'm absolutely going to prove that I can do this."

Be more determined in life like the Ever Given excavator dude!

Just watched Life of Brian which is on Netflix. I think the last time I saw this movie must have been 15+ years ago. It's a good time to give it another watch again.

The free Covid19 free antigen test appointment system is a complete disappointment. You're basically left to click through which dates and times a million times have a free slot in your chosen area.

Let's also add how the vaccine appointment system is pretty much broken to use

"> We are irritated by the announcement that the two corona vaccination centers, Messe and Arena Berlin, had to close on Tuesday due to 'failure to deliver vaccines'," said a Biontech spokeswoman for the newspaper. "The delivery was originally planned for Wednesday and was communicated to everyone involved.

Example number 2394441 of Berlin health authorities bad communications.

Politico EU opinion:
Europe’s vaccination program is a success story
No really. Just look at the numbers.

He rethought that model and decided to put off retirement into his 70's. Instead, he would sprinkle five years off into his working life, taking one year off every seven years. Thus, at ages 32, 39, 46, 53, and 60, he would take his sabbatical.

Went for a walk through . Building is Chancellor Merkel's office with the German flag in the background from the .
Statues from 1901 mark the first German Chancellor.

A lot of people out on their Sunday walks this weekend before

I sometimes forget that I live in the capital of Germany (and by extension, Europe alongside Paris ;)) since I generally don't go outside my area .

Download Civilization VI because it's currently free to play for the next 3 days on steam.

Just spent the last day replaying Gabriel Knight game (, one of my first PC games back in 1997/1998 when I was too young to play it. I couldn't finish it back then because it was difficult to play, then the release on Steam in 2014 had a bug in it and in 2021 I finally am able to play it near the end.

Really old school point and click released in 1993, new edition 2014.

This month so far:

I started learning almost every day and can decipher simple sentences.

I started learning non-usual tech concepts, like project management and .

I watched a full movie in without getting bored or lost.

Released a new personal website, to rebrand away from my personal name (usually

Wrote and sent a through

Picked up a residence permit and started a new company early this month.

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