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Random DN/travel bio

* Almost applied for my Canadian citizenship (dual) but decided against it

* Once had an 8 year digital nomad plan (lol)

* Wanted to travel/work since I was 20, the first time I moved overseas was 23

* Almost had a plan to do Netherlands-Norway-Australia-Germany for 3 years (visa juggling)

* Working remotely since 2015 (officially) but more like 2014 (for various reasons..)

* Lived in 7 countries

My blog is blog.hannahsuarez.me/

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I'm now mainly at:

@superruserr (tech, infosec)

@hcs@pleroma.site (personal)

@hcs (mainly travel, but gnusocial based)

@superruserr (learning french, though a bit quiet)


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@nydel hannahsuarez.me mainly for work related items. It's on Jekyll hosted on Github pages.

hannahsuarez.me/blog for travel and personal posts.

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Dr Strangelove, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb - Stanley Kubrick (1964) vimeo.com/368317822

I'm very positive about the state of remote work within the tech industry, now that many companies (with great work cultures, high brand recognition, competitive salaries and benefits or rates) are all going online.

Remote-only companies used to primarily bank on the appeal of them being "remote only". But now that there are more options in the pool for those in tech, we don't have to compromise on who to work for.

Another week and another day counting the seconds.

I only had a few hours before the moon rose and the haze took our stars away.


Alright, one more. I should probably upload this to peertube instead of spamming the timeline...

Hot weather + rain + thunder is a nice combination (and also reminds me of Australia but without the humidity and mozzies)

All the entrances to capital of #Belarus #Minsk are now blocked. The city is under siege from police and military police forces. Random detentions on the streets all around the city.

RT @Pramenofanarchy@twitter.com

Все въезды в Минск стоят

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Pramenofanarchy/st

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> Two Israelis acted as middlemen for a client one of them refuses to name, and asked Larry King to read questions from a script he was given (in exchange for $7,000). King, a veteran journalist, never bothered to ask how his taped questions would be used.


> Broadcasting icon Larry King starred in a fake interview with a Russian journalist that went viral on social media, spread by accounts tied to China’s government.


> As of now, access to YouTube in and transfer of media files in Telegram are interrupted, VPN services are blocked.


> is in the midst of nation-scale internet disruption affecting fixed-line and cellular operators; chart shows progressive disconnection of various online platforms, with public DNS services first to go from midnight, then social media Chart with downwards trend


> Svetlana Tikhanovskaya's campaign said she fled her apartment due to safety reasons after police detained several of its senior staffers, in what critics called an attempt to intimidate the opposition ahead of the crucial vote.



> The authorities in do not shy away from even the most petty ways

Premarked ballots:

8 Questions to Measure the Health of Your Life

How’s your overall mood and happiness?

How would you feel about eternal recurrence?

Are there ongoing problems that bleed into your life that you can’t shake?

Do you have an intimate relationship with someone?

Are your intimate relationships balanced?

Do you feel fulfilled at work?

Do you have future goals that give you passion, that give you something to look forward to, to work for?

What’s on your bucket list?


Getting better at writing (for DE class)..

Ganz konkret sollte die UBI (die Grundeinkommen) von den Staatsamt in Deutschland unterstütz werden. Die Sache ist, dass ganze Regierung hat Einkommen-sicherheit heben mussen.

Gewissermaßen die Grundeinkommen wichtigt ist. Im diesem Jahr ist bedeutenden Einfluss stammt aus Pandemie-Krisis. Trotzdem wir haben tatatsliche Sofothilfe, Kurzarbeit, Arbeitlosengeld, Elterngeld. Wir mussen nicht UBI/Grundeinkommen unterstütz werden.