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Random DN/travel bio

* Almost applied for my Canadian citizenship (dual) but decided against it

* Once had an 8 year digital nomad plan (lol)

* Wanted to travel/work since I was 20, the first time I moved overseas was 23

* Almost had a plan to do Netherlands-Norway-Australia-Germany for 3 years (visa juggling)

* Working remotely since 2015 (officially) but more like 2014 (for various reasons..)

* Lived in 7 countries

My blog is

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@nydel mainly for work related items. It's on Jekyll hosted on Github pages. for travel and personal posts.

Inspiration of the moment: Watching sailing videos of people who sailed around various countries during the pandemic.

I did my own calculations to determine how long it will take for me to retire (which is basically, how long until I no longer -have- to work). It's possible to retire on 1.125million by the age of 40, providing that expenses don't completely increase (aka I maintain a good savings rate) and having tax advantages. Also needing to maintain a good amount of positive cashflow.

(It's all theoretical, but I'm happier about calculating various future scenarios)

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The EU doing complete internal border closure (not to mention the respective countries internal border closure) is one sure way to rip apart the social fabric. Once you convince an entire nation (or state) that anyone 'outside' the border is an infected bio terrorist like what an Australian writer did say, you're too late.

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> Australians are telling expats (aka their own citizens) that they hope they die from COVID. Telling them they have no right to return. Accusing them of being too big for their britches for leaving in the first place. Labelling expats as entitled, spoilt brats who should not get a dime of government help. It is vile stuff, driven by envy, spite, ignorance and fear.

If you want continued prejudice based on birth, third country national self sufficient permit requires 50,000 euro in the bank, but Europeans moving to Malta only needs 14,000 euro in the bank.

Now you can see why the whole foreign-gentrification thing happens.

In DE it's there but it's totally not blatant, and more cultural (ie languages, different work/life cultures, etc).

Life planning by spreadsheet - imagine knowing that you can an extra six figures in your pocket just by moving to a better country where one of its features is tax savings (over the course of the time it takes to live there to get longer term/permanent residency).

"Deutschland ist Einwanderungsland. Das ist Fakt. Doch wie geht das Land damit um? Darüber wird seit Jahren gestritten. Ein Expertenbericht macht nun Vorschläge, wie die Einwanderungsgesellschaft aussehen soll."

Now that Trump has left the WH, all of one's personal problems will now magically disappear, with productivity set to increase by 500%.

Well with Germany et al freaking out about the variants (because, that's what virus' does) including Germany having its own variation/strain.

Time to ban ourselves.

The Australian hotel quarantine standards are so great that famous tennis players can live with not 1, but 2 hotel quarantine rooms with rats!

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...all while the World Cup and Oktoberfest is allowed in the state to 'entertain' the Bavarians and give them "normality".

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re: zeroCOVID utopian bullshit. Australian-German equivalent (the car crash that I've been witnessing for months) is them not seeing their mom/dying grandma in Bavaria unless they pay $15,000 to Deutsche Bahn and mandatory quarantine in a sh*t hotel room with a rat, being forced with 3 negative PCR tests, plus waiting 8 months to buy a train ticket because Bavaria only allows 50 out of state visitors per month because too many people would overwhelm them and they want to 90+ day 0 new cases...

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Australia lets in thousands of players/staff for a stupid tennis match (Australian Open) while they leave 10,000's of citizens behind as part of their ZeroCOVID shit so that they can be smug about it.

The only good thing is that the tennis players are complaining about the conditions including a rat 🐀 in a dirty hotel room (which is the reality).

Zero COVID (maintaining it) means that even if you tested negative twice and perfectly healthy, you get forced into quarantine and can't see a dying relative because they are situated in another state and due to state borders, each state sees the other as infected.

All this to maintain the elimination strategy.

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Oh and it was mandatory quarantine, not "you are sick therefore you must quarantine" quarantine.

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Miranda Kerr (former Miss Universe Australia, wife of snapchat founder) got a warning frm the police for visiting a relative in end of life / palliative care during quarantine.

For her to get ono a plane she would have to be negative to the PCR test, as well as negative on the first PCR swab within Day 1 for arriving, so basically... a perfectly healthy human being visiting and honouring the wishes of a dying person getting a police warning for being human.

she literally MADE MONEY telling Americans on how they can leave their country, overstay their visa, live in the country illegally (aka being able to work on a tourist visa), and that's one of the things that she had done.

she needs to be made an example of, and I hope that other countries follow suit and formalize it to avoid grey market things like these

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Love it, woke American woman got deported from Indonesia for violating numerous immigration rules.

And for so many issues, can't even start, but mainly just bragging about how she got to exploit these poor Asians but it's ok because she's black and queer and American.

Americans still think the world revolves around them.

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