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Random DN/travel bio

* Almost applied for my Canadian citizenship (dual) but decided against it

* Once had an 8 year digital nomad plan (lol)

* Wanted to travel/work since I was 20, the first time I moved overseas was 23

* Almost had a plan to do Netherlands-Norway-Australia-Germany for 3 years (visa juggling)

* Working remotely since 2015 (officially) but more like 2014 (for various reasons..)

* Lived in 7 countries

My blog is blog.hannahsuarez.me/

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@nydel hannahsuarez.me mainly for work related items. It's on Jekyll hosted on Github pages.

hannahsuarez.me/blog for travel and personal posts.

"Es ist wichtig, dass wir angesichts der Pandemie noch mehr auf das Thema Integration setzen." (Merkel)

"It is important that, in view of the pandemic, we focus even more on integration."


In a nautical themed mixology bar in somewhere really late (way later than opening allowance) and somewhere opposite a 6th century BC Greek temple site. Largely empty inside then when @raucao and I sat down, more arrived. Even had a guitar to play.

> Germany's chancellor has said that migrants are being hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, as jobs are cut and language classes cancelled.

> Her comments echo the findings of an Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) report, also released on Monday, that showed the pandemic and lockdown measures were disproportionately affecting migrants.


Making our way from Agrigento where the Valle dei Templi (pictured) is all the way to , 2,700-year-old city notable for its Greek and Roman , culture, amphitheatres, , where Archimedes was born.

w/ @raucao

Es ist Durstliche Donnerstag / It is Thirsty Thursday

"The challenge argues that the Chief Health Officer's stay-at-home orders burdens individuals' freedom of political communication implied in Australia's constitution."


Woke up at 6am to prepare and do my B2 German course and I am today years old to learn more about Marmeladenoma youtube.com/watch?v=WFVOAmW_Bd

One of the things I miss in Paris and definitely not happening now is the hot yoga studio there. Just can't get the same type here in Berlin.

I'm watching Emily in Paris (while working) more for the aesthetics (clothes, fashion, rooms, etc) and it's full on French/living in Paris stereotypes.

LOL. I just had a "not a normie" moment trying to do this Kris Kringle thing.

them: Let's not overcomplicate this.

Me: "I think I should have some database to hash the names and address to pseudoanonymize the results..."

My upcoming B2 classes this week are early morning wakeup calls from 6am to get ready so that I don't have to think about classes for the rest of the day and focus just on work $productivityhours aiming at 40 to 50

Had a morning coffee in then a walk to to catch up on the Berlin Wall art this morning! m/ @raucao

tfw when you want to relax so you basically just go through and read aloud and record reading through your various B2 texts.

A big Sicilian almost-brunch, maybe even to prepare for the trip to Sicily next week m/ @raucao

Make the most of the good days and people with you!