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I'm now mainly at:

@superruserr (tech, infosec)

@hcs@pleroma.site (personal)

@hcs (mainly travel, but gnusocial based)

@superruserr (learning french, though a bit quiet)


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@nydel hannahsuarez.me mainly for work related items. It's on Jekyll hosted on Github pages.

hannahsuarez.me/blog for travel and personal posts.

Neighbourhood cat: *meows outside*

Me: *starts walking to the windows*

Neighbour on the other side of the street: *also rushes to the windows*

"Health ministry spokesman Hanno Kautz said that wearing masks in public may have a role to play when Germany starts unwinding the lockdown measures that are now in place."

Last week, the president of the German Medical Association, Klaus Reinhardt, made a similar recommendation, telling Germans: “My advice: Get simple protective masks or make your own and wear them in public spaces.”

I think that this is going to be in the right direction also scmp.com/news/world/europe/art

"Austria: From Wednesday on, wearing masks in grocery stores is mandatory, and they should be worn everywhere where people come together. The masks are provided by the government and will be distributed at the entrance of supermarkets from Wednesday. No entrance without mask."


This is survivable. We will survive. This is a time to overprotect but not overreact. hbr.org/2020/03/that-discomfor

I'm binge watching Breaking Bad, following by its prequel Better Call Saul

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About to rebook my apartment. I think I am covered for rebooking it without losing my month's rent or the booking fee. Also throwing in a 'let's renegotiate your advertised price'.

I made cheesecake. Ready for another 15-20 minutes. 🍰

Pandemic fashion is going to the thing.

Fashionable, functional and life saving.

Going to be doing a Gesischtesmask unboxing, and no it's not the dubious stuff from Amazon Prime (who is also doing a price rort) or meant-to-be-for-medical-workers type of mask.

Coronavirus-Mundschutz zum Selbermachen – eine Anleitung
In der Coronakrise sind Schutzmasken so gefragt wie nie. Unser Autor zeigt, wie sie sich einen Mundschutz einfach selber basteln können.


Germany activates flying ICU plane, Airbus A310 MedEvac, to fly corona patients from Italy to hospitals in Germany. Has a capacity of 44 beds of which 16 are for high intensive care patients, and up to 25 medical staff.

Der Airbus A310 MRTT MedEvac – das ist die fliegende Intensivstation der Bundeswehr. Bis zu 44 Patienten können hier liegend transportiert werden, davon bis zu sechs Intensivpatienten.


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> NEW: CDC guidance on masks expected to change in next 10 days. Americans will be advised to wear masks in everyday life. Current recommendation is for high-risk groups only.


This is good. The sick/coughing people at the store are not even wearing masks so how do you enforce that?

The only thing I can do is send a message/DM to the supermarket chain about what happened today.

Yeah people are still not taking it seriously!

Today I decided to buy food and it was a mistake. A LOT of people coughing including this one person who is just not at all respecting the 1.5 metre distance even with the shopping trolley. He was coughing at the person doing the cashier.

There has been too many inconsiderate people that are out even though they are clearly sick and should not be, and not even wearing face masks! Even a person spitting on the street.

As soon as I arrived home I took a shower and washing all my clothes.

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