I enabled "hide the title of the top toolbar" in the @Tusky preferences and now I don't know how to access the preferences, switch my accounts etc. 🤦‍♂️ Could anyone tell me if I am the problem or if that's a bug?

@spicewiesel swipe on the home timeline icon, to the right.

@Tusky I have not managed that yet :-) I use Android's gesture navigation and not the 3-buttons. So the left and right display borders are reserved to swipe "back". Could that be an issue? Maybe if Tusky wants to use the same area to swipe for the menu?

@Tusky temporarely switching back to 3-buttons works, I can now swipe on the left to open the menu. 👍

@spicewiesel okay, here

If you hold you finger near the edge it triggers side menu instead of back gesture.

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