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10 years after Twitter has gone online, they doubled the tweet length to 280.
In other words: in 10 years will be superior to .

W3C approves DRM, votes kept secret.

... and I was the only journalist asking questions at the Press Conference.


@BryanLunduke was our only champion to appear and inquire for us at the W3C conference on DRM. We must not take this lightly.

W3C rejects appeal, approves DRM standard, votes kept secret

The W3C has rejected the appeal to remove (or reconsider) the EME/DRM Web Standard. Thus making EME (a framework for DRM) now a formal recommended W3C standa...


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"Use the #terminal more otherwise your brain gets sloppy and you don't wanna have sloppy brain" - @BryanLunduke 2017 🤓 💻 😎 youtu.be/5iXzqN8-34E

"Looking directly into the sun during Eclipse damages your eyes" -Media

"FAKE NEWS! anyways, changed my mind. we need to continue Afghanistan" - Trump

"We need to check whether looking into the sun during Eclipse also damages the brain" - Scientists


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blog.fefe.de/?ts=a77dae9f: Der Brite, der Wannacry durch gezielte Registrierung der Killswitch-Domain gestoppt hat, wurde jetzt in den USA verhaftet. Zum Dank, nehme ich an. Dass das FBI seinetwegen nicht von Wannacry runtergefahren wurde. Haben sie ihn jetzt erstmal verhaftet. Tolles Land, diese USA! Da will man doch hinfahren, um sich auf Security-Konferenzen fortzubilden!1!!

also, someone at please implement Identifiers for . that facepalming boy shows up as facepalming girl and a male symbol thing.

Me: "Am I now in the ?"
Me: "I guess that is very well the case. Nerdcorners are always silent".

Also, this toot is too long for .