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Arne Brasseur

Btw. If you think that this Berlin timeline is too empty, feel free to invite your Berlin friends on other social mediæ to join us on toot.BERLIN – we still have some capacity!

"we are already out of our sphere. We cannot go back. We must choose: either to surrender our existence in a warm and cosy world of controlled memory frames, or to join the new networks, the new grapevines, to discover who we really are at the limit of an information space where we can learn to live."
-- Jacques Vallee, "The Network Revolution", 1982

If you're interested in using WebSub with #Haskell, come help me build (early stage). 🌏😍

I wrote a little bit about the problems I uncovered (quite by accident!) in some common OStatus systems. I also provide some suggestions for mitigating those problems.

Hi Mastodon/OStatus dev people. Have you ever thought about how your software might work in China?

I've visited China. Interesting thing about its Internet is Bruce Schneier's crypto blog is fine but Google is blocked - and so is all Javascript and ads and analytics that load from Soooo many Silicon Valley websites are toast there.

Just something to keep in mind. Dont even assume, eg, github is available everywhere. The fewer off-server dependencies you have the better.

Oooh the Berlin Juggling convention is finally back! Mid September in Wuhlheide. Will be a great follow up to the EJC!

Doesn't seem like a lot of bots respect in the bio

Moving social networks is a lot like living abroad, it gives you an opportunity to reinvent yourself.

My phone just corrected into I'm very upset rn

block instances that use follow bots IMO

Feels good to be on a smaller instance with my fellow Berlin techies. I think I'll do most of my tooting from this account.