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I think I might stop answering questions about what camera I'm using. A kind of aged-grain from using shit old lenses aside, the only pics it makes a difference with is the birds, the rest it's inconsequential. The constant focus on equipment instead of understanding I have a good grasp of light and composition is frustrating. Some of my best photos this year were taken with a 3yo mobile phone. It's not the camera.

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#matrix #rant - I'm about to give up hosting any bridges - I just can't get it to work - the official IRC bridge still has multi-minute lag, I don't know why, but our telegram bridge breaks really randomly for random users and I'm sick of it. And the xmpp bridge is just unfinished alpha code (as advertised to be fair) but also randomly fails... this is probably to a fair degree my fault but honestly I'm sick of debugging it. I don't blame anyone, the devs are helpful but I can't get it stable...

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Release of Profanity 0.7.0

"The biggest change in this release is support for OMEMO encryption."

Profanity is a command line XMPP client.


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No, it‘s not The Onion. It’s Amazon. Ice cube vest for hot days. This is what you get when climate change an stupidity work hand in hand.

one of the fallow deer is free in Botanical Volkspark Pankow, it drops by from time to time

The mere existence of the word market logic already reveals that the market eludes conventional logic.

Allein die Existenz des Wortes Marktlogik offenbart bereits, dass der Markt sich herkömmlicher Logik entzieht.

Birb-like branch base in a hollow mulberry stem

Harnekop mulberry and grape vine

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Aktuelle Störung in Ihrem Anschlussgebiet
Alle Dienste
Leider liegt bei Ihrem Anschluss derzeit eine technische Störung der Fernseh-, Internet- & Telefondienste vor.
Wir entschuldigen uns für die Unannehmlichkeiten und arbeiten bereits mit Nachdruck an der Behebung des Fehlers. In Kürze können Sie Ihren Anschluss wieder störungsfrei nutzen. Die Störung wird voraussichtlich am 02.07.2019 16:00 Uhr behoben sein.

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@SolSoCoG Moin,die Halcyon Instanz ist ueber Tor mal wieder nicht erreichbar.Es gibt mir einen Server Not Found Error.Waere nett,wenn du das zeitnah beheben koenntest.Bin voruebergehend ueber online.

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Meta: plurality Show more

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We are proud that our tools can serve the LGBTQ+ community, particularly in places where it is dangerous to be out.

This June and year round, the Tor Project stands in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

Happy #Pride2019!

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toxic masculinity, sui Show more