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gargron told me if this post gets ten thousand boosts he'll give me the website and i will become the new gargron

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I have some thoughts on #Patreon and a few questions too.

So I have this wild idea that I'll be able to crowdfund/receive donations to cover stuff like my phone bill (so that I can get a hold of theatre colleagues and offices and the like).

But - I'm doing dramaturgy, manuscript work, theatre critics and analytics. I'm basically an art student. Are anyone interested in supporting that? Does the kinds of art that can't be shown on a screen matter to internet strangers?


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For people who can't or don't want to go to #34c3, we'll open Ida Nowhere in #berlin Neukölln each day from 12:00–20:00 (but probably later into the night).

There'll be food, and drinks, and a code of conduct 🎉


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hosting for yourself and others (24-Oct-2017) 

Tomorrow is the next meeting of #hfyao. We'll start with exploring the different projects some of us already run, and then maybe look into what is required to run your own Mastodon instance!

I'd be happy to welcome you!

24-Oct-2017, 19:00, Finowstraße 2a, 10247 #Berlin

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Holy cow I have found my work background music for the month I think:

Good headphones or decent sound system strongly suggested.

Tomorrow, 25-Aug-2017, 17:00–20:00, CryptoParty at Regenbogenfabrik, Lausitzer Straße 22!

All in context of a smol festival against police violence, All Colours Are Beautiful.

Looking forward to see you there!

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Shoutout to Berlin #Freifunk community: just moved to a new apartment, of course no internet yet, but Freifunk is here to help! I can even stream videos!

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Verpflichtungserklärung gesucht 


kennt ihr Organisationen, die Verpflichtungserklärungen organisieren?

Es geht um den Aufenthaltstitel einer Person, die aus einem sogenannten, aber nicht wirklich sicheren Herkunftsland kommt.

Es ist halbwegs dringend :-/

Danke schonmal im Voraus und liebe Grüße,


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Treffen in Berlin am 25. Juli 

Übermorgen, Dienstag den 25-Jul-2017, findet ein Treffen in der Finowstraße 2a, 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain, statt, bei dem wir schauen wollen, wie wir uns gegenseitig dabei helfen können unsere eigenen Internet-Infrastrukturen und -Services selber zu betreiben, und generell zugänglicher zu machen.

Wir fangen gegen 19:00 Uhr an, und ich würde mich freuen euch willkommen heißen zu können!

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meetup in berlin 25-jul-2017 

The day after tomorrow, tuesday 25-jul-2017 we'll host a little meetup for people who are interested in hosting their own internet infrastructure and services. Main goal is see how we can help each other, and make the whole thing more accessible to people who would like to start themselves.

I'd be delighted to welcome you!

The place is Finowstraße 2a in 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain, and it starts around 19:00

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a PLAY, with 1 ACT

dramatis p.: BABY, and PAPA.

[BABY, atop proud PAPA's broad scapula]
BABY: Hark! All hold! A gift!
[a slow, loud, odorous FART rolls forth]
PAPA: Auugh! What spirit is this?
BABY: Look within my pants if thou woulds't know, vassal.
PAPA: Again! Augh! Ptuaaagh!


(production n.b.: two to four stagings daily)

#banalipo #babalipo #poolipo

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#libreMonday, maintaining a webservice under gifting condictions

Free to use for all. No pay wall, but in solidarity.

Disroot is a platform providing online services based on principles of freedom, privacy, federation and decentralization.

They provide:
- single sign on with you can accsess:
- nextcould
- rainloop (e-mail)
- taiga (project managment)
- diaspora (you know that)
- polls (by framasoft)
- matrix (federated chat)
- xmpp (FLOSS chat)

admin @muppeth

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On July 16th (Sunday), my band, The Providers, will play at Art Stalker in Berlin. If you are in Berlin, you should come! If you are not in Berlin, you can still share it with everyone you know in case they are in Berlin.
We play dramatic pop music.
You can get tickets for yourself and all your friends here:

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Organizations all over the world should DEMAND from Intel ability to disable ME/AMT code. For good. There are likely many more bugs there.

Intel should provide means to disable all ME code which runs AFTER host CPU init is complete, i.e. all the UNTURSTED-input processing code.

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a snail
lit by reflected light
by ones, by twos

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Looking for some great tutorial videos explaining Tor and how to install it? Check out

They will publish videos on more topics, too.


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