Turkey blocking Wikipedia...

Why? How will cencoring an encyclopedia on the internet achieve anything?

@lilletale what every repressive state needs to achive: keep people uninformed. keep them dump and aligned.

@ao37 Yet, keeping the people and the access to information apart is confirming that a regime is authoritarian.

@lilletale true. but it's not the first time turkish government is doing this. what are the consquences for them? how can people react and stop them from doing it? how can they stop the state changing into a repressive form? that's what really makes me full of fear. what will we in germany do when it's going into this stage where they officially blocking wikipedia and such? the difference to turkey is only, that our elite is doing this stuff more subtle. since years we are on the same road...

@ao37 From what I know about Turkey, there will be another coup d'etat. And then they'll reform the laws, and there'll be another coup d'etat, and so on and so forth. Atatürk isn't coming back anyways.

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