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Lars Trieloff

Ich habe meinen ersten Mastodon-Bot geschrieben. Er tootet Stellenangebote des Bundes, die das Wort "Cyber" enthalten. Noch Testbetrieb auf meinem Laptop, Umzug auf den Server dann morgen. Folgt dem Bot!


How would you build a lanyrd or goodreads alternative that is federated? A global state of conferences/books might be hard to synch. Are there any aproaches to these kind of problems?

We're halfway between the Year 2000 bug and the Year 2038 bug.

(Happy New Year everyone!)

Make 2019 the year of setting up personal RSS readers for you and your comrades. Don't let them rely on toxic corporate social media for their news & content .

Pixelfed federates now! 🎉

Merry Christmas fediverse. #pixelfed

Nobody really cares about outside anymore because they invented inside and that's better
HTTP/3 proposal to replace the User-Agent header with a Chrome-Version header

Regular back:
> will hurt eventually
> boring
> stupid bones
Backstreet's back:
> alright

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Stack Zero Grant applications close this Friday, November 30th:

We're giving grants of between $25,000 and $70,000 to non-commercial or research projects focused on decentralization.

Reach out of you have any questions!

#decentralization #privacy #p2p #grant

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US vs UK English

US: alumum
UK: aluminiumium

US: tru
UK: thrououghough

US: nom-nom
UK: bisquouitte

US: water
UK: splishy-sploshy

US: football
UK: chadditch

US: bullshit
UK: moo rubbish

US: Hi!
UK: Oi!

US: jack off
UK: chap fap

US: simple
UK: easy peasy lemon squeazy

US: Are you crazy, dude?
UK: 'av you gone bonkers, mate?

Für ein kleines Nerd-Familien-Duell auf dem #35c3 kannst DU einer von "100 Leute haben wir gefragt" sein! Teilnehmen und teilen!

All videos of #btconf Berlin, where I already have to ok to publish them, are online in our Vimeo channel:

YouTube versions soon.

Mr. Poo Variable Color Font animating the 💩 emoji