For a man with a RegEx, everything looks like a ^.*$

"The Internet of Beefs" by Venkatesh Rao

Despite the irreverent tone, this is a pretty good breakdown of how social media fights work.

Microbrowsers Are Everywhere ◆ 24 ways

Microbrowsers Are EverywhereThe browsers that are providing the link previews on our phones and our chat apps.

Quadratic Payments: A Primer

If you follow applied mechanism design or decentralized governance at all, you may have recently heard one of a few buzzwords: quadratic voting, quadratic funding and quadratic attention purchase. via Pocket

microfiction, sci-fi, brief mention of murder 

"How do you get around on your planet?

"Most people move two chairs and a sofa every time they move themselves. If they need to travel even a short distance, the furniture must come too."

"Isn't that strenuous?"

"No. The furniture comes in its own moveable metal box. You simply climb into the box, sit on one of the chairs and use controls to move the box."

"Why don't you use a simpler way of getting around?"


"My apologies. I can see it's compulsory. Your ruler must be a tyrant."

"No, it's not compulsory! But if you go somewhere without being inside your big box of furniture, other people with boxes are allowed to kill you and it won't be treated as a real crime."

"Sounds compulsory to me."

"Nah, it's just a choice I freely make because it's so convenient."

just because you're bad at making money doesn't mean you're part of the proletariat
Remember: Silly is a state of Mind, Stupid is a way of Life.
-- Dave Butler

Nothing can make me as happy today as this post by Erik Bernhardsson, in which he simulates buffet lines to figure out the best queueing method. It involves simulation by way of random food emoji (and a bunch of graphs).

ranting about single page applications 

@darius I tend to agree. Theoretically SPAs are superior, but in practice it's really hard to get things like history, focus, scroll, perf, and accessibility correct.

Wikipedia is a great example of a site that has no business being an SPA and would be much worse as an SPA (slower bootstrap, multi-tab would consume a lot of CPU/memory, too much data to reasonably prefetch it all). It's good that they've stuck to their guns.

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