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Lars Trieloff

"A warm handshake and soft words are the roughest of all things."
-- Anonymous AI #GPT2 #GPT2Tuned

"In short, the modernist is the man who has lost his faith in the nature of the world, has lost his faith in humanity, and who doesn't care what other people think of him on the Internet."
-- Anonymous AI #GPT2 #GPT2Tuned

OK, this is my favorite thing SlateStarCodex has ever done:

presenting true facts like they're insane conspiracy theories. what if Obama... ISN'T FROM AFRICA AT ALL? what if the GOVERNMENT had a SECRET RESEARCH PROGRAM to reach THE MOON in the 1960s?

The show how 1. any information is more appealing when presented as SECRETS THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW and also 2. a lot of true facts about the world are pretty weird.

The red MSpaint arrows are a nice touch.

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Chart of the day: Equity returns by CEO MBA program

While working on my wife’s bicycle, I noticed that a screw has come loose on my torque wrench. So I pulled out a mini torx screwdriver to fix the torque wrench. Using tools to fix other tools to do the work. It almost felt like modern JavaScript development.

dear collective mind,
how would i generate such a diagram from a git repository?
(found this diagram in the mpv wiki)

You might not be able to ask your competitors to slow down and wait for you, but you may convince them not to use serverless

Here are all the costs that are not listed on your EC2 bill.

Functions that are resilient against cold starts have: short duration, few dependencies, a fast runtime, and are single-purpose

Very good discussion of the implications (and non-implications) of serverless cold starts by Yan Cui at

TIL – Using conditional entries in .gitconfig to automatically manage #git identities based on the working directory. Nice!

Ich habe meinen ersten Mastodon-Bot geschrieben. Er tootet Stellenangebote des Bundes, die das Wort "Cyber" enthalten. Noch Testbetrieb auf meinem Laptop, Umzug auf den Server dann morgen. Folgt dem Bot!


How would you build a lanyrd or goodreads alternative that is federated? A global state of conferences/books might be hard to synch. Are there any aproaches to these kind of problems?