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unsolved computer problems:
getting a file from a to b

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Meine Frau empfahl mir "Die vierzig Tage des Musa Dagh" von #FranzWerfel zu lesen. Ein unglaubliches Buch, doch leider muss man es glauben. Es ist sehr sorgfältig recherchiert und handelt vom Völkermord an den Armeniern ab dem Jahr 1915.

Es ist #gemeinfrei im Internet und für wenig Geld im Buchhandel erhältlich.


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Es ist ja demnächst wieder Zeit für Plätzchen. Finde ich in Hamburg Interessenten für eine Neuauflage des TeXnischen Kaffekränzchens?


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• "Our veue has one wheelchair accessible bathroom with a door width of xxx cm."
• "There is an upper level in the venue that is inaccessible without taking stairs, and we only use it as an overflow area during lunch."
• "The city has a high rate of right-wing hate crime."
• "Our country has active anti-LGBT legislation."
• "The closest parking space is 500m away."
• "One room has a high, plush carpet that may be problematic for wheelchair users".

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If your event is in a location that is inaccessible or unsafe for some potential attendees (due to location/weather/politics/…), it would be fair to point this out.
You probably can't move, but you can communicate that the event is in a very narrow, or hot, or right-wing place.

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This tho:

“in the old days, if you reinvented the wheel, you would get your wrist slapped for not reading. But nowadays people are reinventing the flat tire. I'd personally be happy if they reinvented the wheel, because at least we'd be moving forward. If they reinvented what #Engelbart, did we'd be way ahead of where we are now.”

I'm not saying that #AlanKay isn't brilliant—incomprehensible too. It's like he's seen a past that we haven't and wants his future back. Like a reverse-poet–prophet.

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Public trading makes companies evil. The stock market could be abolished and all companies made privately-held and employee-owned without breaking capitalism.

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In case you missed it, the MoreVMs'20 call for abstracts and talks up:

"In addition to conventional workshop-style submissions, MoreVMs also accepts (and encourages) submissions that present early-stage work and emerging ideas"

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Weiß zufällig jemand, wo ein 12jähriger Bengel in #Erfurt programmieren lernen kann? Unser Sohn hätte da ein Interesse, das ich nicht brach liegen lassen will.


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#Intel #CPUs are still broken, film at 11

For added lulz (or nightmares) check out the timeline.

#infosec #weredoomed

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For #procjam, I'm making a generator for unplayable music in the style of John Stump's "Faerie’s Aire and Death Waltz":

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People who like graphs, here is the recent spike of activity thanks to India discovering Mastodon in the context of the last 6 months of

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@inAktion @wim_v12e
I work as a geriatric nurse in a care home.
Yesterday i asked one of our residents
"How are you today."
He said:
"This day is not a good day. Some germans celebrate today, but this is no day to celebrate. I remember 1938 and what happened then at this day.
I was on my way to school when a Piano crashed beside me. I was 8 years old so i didn't understand what was happening; a Jewish family lived in the flat it was thrown out off.
Bad times and it got worse."

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I'm giving a talk about Rust at December's CodeHarbour meeting:

Come along if in your spare time you like to talk about memory safety, vulnerabilities and exploits!

Me thinks: whats up with Dibert these days?
*looks up scott adams*
Holy $#%*

I think ill shred my Dilbert principle copy then -.-'

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Me: Im getting into gardening lately

Colleague: You can make a lot of money landscaping you know

Me: No I mean like fruit and veg

C: Ah to sell?

Me: No for me and to give away to my neighbours

C: So how are you making money from it?

Me: No, its a hobby and a way to provide for people

C: Yeah but you should really be thinking how to monetise it

Me: I dont think I can continue to talk to you anymore

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Current mood

(Screenshot of rainbow colored ascii rendering of 'computers are shitty' in all caps)
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