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**Requesting feedback from Berliners interested in attending an anti-gentrification open data event happening later this month. Boosts appreciated! This isn't just for techies. For anyone who wants to use data to fight gentrification**

0. Would you be interested to come at all, and is it likely you would come?

1. Would you be more likely to attend on a week night for 2 hours or on a weekend day for a bit longer?

2. Would you be interested in joining a doodle for planning times that most people could come?

3. Would you be interested in a mailing list, chat, or some way of communication, before the first meeting? (Just curious, it's not always needed!)

🎧 Podcast time. Who am I and what is @planio, the company sponsoring toot.berlin? Ryan Robinson interviewed me about founding and growing this company of amazing people (@thegcat @holger @louise_bln @schm). ryrob.com/saas-side-project-pl

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it took a few hours and my teeth hurt now but that's just how it goes

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hey Berliners, what is a recommendable,cheap internet provider (for at home)? is there any? - no cable.

Ok, we're on 1.6.0 now. Happy tooting! 🐘

Upgrade to 1.5.1 successful, it seems! \o/

Aaaand we're back up, actually running on 1.4.6 already.

Update to 1.4.1 was successful. Now 1.4.2 with foreign key constraints and Rails update. We're going to be offline for a bit for this...

Okay folks, we're updating today. Fasten your seatbelts!

β€ͺ: Welchen Gasgrill kaufen und warum? Gibt es da nur Weber oder noch andere? ‬

Nutzlose Patentanmeldungen: Airbag in Wagenfarbe

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in Musik-Videos - heute konnte ich mich nicht entscheiden, welches Video besser zum 🌞 Wetter passt. Deshalb heute Mal zwei Videos.


Icke & Er mit "Keen Hawaii" - gedreht in Berlin, vielleicht sogar Spandau, vielleicht auch ganz woanders. Zumindest das Auto-Kennzeichen ist von hier.



Alexander Markus mit "Papaya" - gedreht im (sic!) Teufelssee im Grunewald.