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Dokumente des Identitätsdienstleisters
Verimi belegen, wie dieser zum Erhalt der Zahlungsinstitut-Lizenz die
BaFin täuschte.
Eine Story über Berater, die ein paar Extrameilen zu viel gingen und nebenbei einen Onlineshop für Kunstdrucke betrieben.

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honest job ads I'm waiting for: "we're a bit on the quiet, boring side and our team values a slow pace and comfort over new, fast and shiny. we're decidedly not a fast-paced, dynamic environment."

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Das erste Opfer des Krieges ist die Wahrheit. Ich weiß schon jetzt nicht mehr, was ich glauben soll. Ich weiß nur, dass jetzt Menschen leiden, die völlig unschuldig sind. Verzeiht, ich bin wortlos. #ukraine

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Aktuell wird viel über Contact Tracing und Software und Sormas und Luca und die Corona Warn App diskutiert.

Oftmals arg undifferenziert. Ich hab da mal was zusammengetragen. Aus dem, was ich seit Monaten tue:


Repaired my old tape recorder and discovered a new label on my receiver

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It's mid-day and I can hear the voices of neighborhood kids playing outside.

The cop in my brain wants to know why they aren't in school learning something.

The rest of me knows that they're learning something regardless and promptly throws a left hook at the cop in my brain.

Keep on keeping on, kiddos.


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Best quote about autism:
„I’m autistic, which means everyone around me has a disorder that makes them say things they don’t mean, not care about structure, fail to hyper focus on singular important topics, have unreliable memories, drop weird hints and creepily stare into my eyeballs.“

„So why do people say YOU’re the weird one?“

„Because there’s more of them than me.“

Src: autisticnotweird.com

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Türkische Polizei stoppt Frauenmarsch mit Tränengas

Schon früh am Abend hatte die Polizei die traditionelle Route der größten Frauentagsdemo in Istanbul abgesperrt. Auch Gummigeschosse kamen zum Einsatz.


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Soooo. This (quite nice) guy I studied with just released a book he co-edited with another guy I studied with (serious male ego issues, that one).

It is a book about VIDEO GAMES. There are 12 contributions, from a total of 16 authors. ONE of them is a woman - that contribution has 4 authors listed, she is not the first one.

I am trying so hard, SO HARD, not to leave a snarky comment there... but really, tell me I should leave a snarky comment? Or not even snarky, just maybe "wth it's 2018"?.


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Reminder that Mozilla sideloaded adware into Firefox and sold German user's browser histories to advertising firms

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Geht #Brexit auch umgekehrt #Bayern ohne #Bundesrepublik
RT @kernpanik: Die #CSU und ihre christlichen Werte:

Demut ❌
Gnade ❌
Mäßigung ❌
Keuschheit ❌
Mildtätigkeit ❌
Friedfertigkeit ❌
Nächstenliebe ❌
Wahrheitsliebe ❌
Barmherzigkeit ❌
ein #Kruzifix in jeder Behörde ✅

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David Gerrold not only predicted smartphones very accurately in 1999, he mentioned their implications, too:


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Mastodon and privacy #2 

Not gonna get into detailed back and forth ab this, just this: many people equate decentralization with "better security", and that is dangerous and misleading. People share incredibly private things here, and I often wonder if they know that strangers can read their DMs as well - bc while I like their online selves, I dont *know* my instance admins or what happens to my data. I can only trust - and you shouldnt do that lightly.

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I know some people think it's cool to take drugs or have lots of sex, but do you know what's really extreme? Going to bed early.
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Immer wenn du denkst "Absurder gehts nicht!" kommt der BER und sagt "Hold my beer."

"750 Bildschirme im Hauptterminal haben nach 6 Jahren Dauerbetrieb das Ende ihrer Lebensdauer erreicht. Sie hingen an der nicht abschaltbaren Stromversorgung und müssen nun ausgetauscht werden."
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Hockey is a lot more fun to watch if you pretend everyone is fighting over the last Oreo. #Showerthoughts t.co/STsvtCXQ8f

Head and legs are missing. But it moves its servos and motors. Driven by a beaglebone blue, the best SOC I ever found for robotics.

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