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Is your secure? We've launched a free tool to check your Redmine server: plan.io/redmine-security-scann

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Würde gerne mein erstes #debian Paket erstellen für eine #fluxbox Themen. Raffe die ganzen Anleitungen nur nicht. Schade.
:debian: :think_bread:

@thegcat @moritzheiber it was FTTPT (Fiber To The Palm Tree). So yes, same rant, basically.

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Visiting NW Germany next week: any Deutschers got recommendations of things to do in Bielefeld, Münster, Bonn & Köln? (especially Köln, I'll be there at the weekend)

@XiongShui wir müssten solche Anpassungen leider immer „mergen“, wenn wir Mastodon auf eine neue Version updaten, da sie sonst jedes Mal überschrieben würden. Dafür fehlt leider die Zeit. Vielleicht kannst du dir mit einem Lesezeichen im Browser behelfen?

„Vielleicht Biedermaier/Barock/Artdeco/Jugendstil/Bauhaus/Landhausstil“

„Ist das Jugendstil oder kann das weg?“

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@eribloodlust 0. interested! 1. no preference 2. sure 3. sure! Thanks!

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**Requesting feedback from Berliners interested in attending an anti-gentrification open data event happening later this month. Boosts appreciated! This isn't just for techies. For anyone who wants to use data to fight gentrification**

0. Would you be interested to come at all, and is it likely you would come?

1. Would you be more likely to attend on a week night for 2 hours or on a weekend day for a bit longer?

2. Would you be interested in joining a doodle for planning times that most people could come?

3. Would you be interested in a mailing list, chat, or some way of communication, before the first meeting? (Just curious, it's not always needed!)

🎧 Podcast time. Who am I and what is @planio, the company sponsoring toot.berlin? Ryan Robinson interviewed me about founding and growing this company of amazing people (@thegcat @holger @louise_bln @schm). ryrob.com/saas-side-project-pl

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@Sascha und habt ihr jetzt ne Lösung?

@dreikelvin youtube url or it didn’t happen! 😜

@Sascha tarsnap oder restic mit ‘ner Hetzner Storage Box