Alright, fellow tooters. toot.BERLIN has STICKERS! :frame_photo: :frame_photo: :frame_photo: Ordered today, ready for pick ups at Planio office soon!

@jan Magst Du uns die Vorlage vielleicht per E-Mail schicken? @Johannes macht da bestimmt noch schöne Sticker für Bonn draus. :)

@Sascha @Johannes I'm using the illustration with permission from - please ask her before using it. You'll find a large version of it in her feed, too.

@jan 😮 @Gargron Is it cool if we make stickers with the Mastodon mascot/logo? I want to make stickers for my instance too :p

@cs @Gargron I asked the illustrator if it was ok and she said yes, but better ask her yourself if you're using the ...

@jan wie gut, daß ich dann direkt vor Ort bin 👍

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