Climate stuff, depressing (-) 

Remember, this isn't just the hottest summer on record, it is the coolest summer we can expect for the foreseeable future.

So yeah, this may be the coolest summer that you have for the rest of your life.

Check out this lil gizmo, for converting an RSS feed to ActivityPub. You can subscribe to an RSS feed in Mastodon (or whatever). So cool.

Thanks @ondra for telling me about it.

Jeder Nutzer kann jetzt Menschen zu einladen. Hoffen wir, dass die Spam-Bots draußen bleiben.

Each user may now invite people to Let's hope, that the spam bots stay away.

I'm willing to take ownership of any mastodon instance if some admin cannot continue or doesn't feel like it. (like, for free and without too many changes)

Excluding single user instances ofc, but I think if it's an open one users should come first anyway, and admins should have a proper way out without telling everyone to leave.

I wish all the problems I have to deal with on a daily basis where as interesting as this one:

Send Toots from a command line of your choice with madonctl

This is very useful for automatic tooting, e.g. from your monitoring tools. You can learn how to integrate this into Icinga at

First the queers and furries build a space where they can be themselves.

Then the infosec folks find that it fits well with their values.

Then the communists flock to the first real alternative to capitalist monopoly on shortform burst communication.

Then the artists come to find new walls to paint and nobody to tell them no.

The intellectuals, the chroniclers, the priests and the prophets, singly and in droves.

Slowly, it builds. It's neat to build an oral history from inception. #mastodon

To add translation to almost any iOS app, including #Amaroq:

- Install the Workflow app on your phone:
- Open it. Go to Gallery. Search for "translate article". Install the " English" version
- View an Amaroq status. Tap ..., then Share, then "...More" on the bottom. Enable "Run Workflow"
- Tap Run Worflow, then Translate Article. Give it permission. Read the translated article in a popup window

I work a full time job, and then I get home and work on Mastodon in some form or another well past when I should be asleep. I'm a working class woman with disabilities.

Stop saying "Mastodon should include marginalized people in development" We're fucking here and we're working our asses off for you For Free.

Content warnings? A trans woman wrote that. User muting? A trans woman wrote that. All the fucking words you see everywhere? hi

treat us like people and not like some faceless company.


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