Hey everyone, I'm moving my account to another instance: gil@awooo.club ... please follow me there. See you! :)

Zählt jemand für mich den Wert meiner Besitztümer?

When you build something in 1h which creates a directed graph from an input and you know by using this “math stuff” the company’s employees will save 10min of work everyday...

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Number of accounts is the wrong success metric for the fediverse; number of instances is the correct one.

Absolute failure state of the fediverse is 7 billion accounts and one instance.

Oh boy I totally want on my cheat day. Why can’t we have good (not only mexican) food in ?

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Attention Mastodon server owners: Security patch release v2.4.4 is out. It's a quick upgrade.


If you are deploying Mastodon from the master branch, update to at least commit 802cf6a.


I’m craving for deep fried kebap now. Make it the european version of chimichanga: a deep fried dürürum. I’ll have two. Mit Zwiebeln und scharf.

I rated Avengers: Infinity War (2018) 7/10

I'm 100% sure intentionally doesn't implement a proper unread icon badge (on iOS).

If you open the app, it just removes the unread messages count badge, even when you do not read any messages.

The BBC reuploaded Daft Punk's Essential Mix from 1997. Listen to (or `youtube-dl`) it here: bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bfxsb8

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I wrote a small exporter for MoneyMoney that generates a ynab compatible CSV file 🙌. 10 minutes of coding reducing tons of manual labour. Loving it. github.com/bitboxer/moneymoney

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Just watched Get Out. And if you love horror movies and haven’t seen it yet: do it <3

“... cassettes have seen the most growth in sales orders (+35.19%).”

Music Sales in 2018: Mid-Year Marketplace & Database Highlights | Discogs

Im curious: what do you use to monitor your servers? Maybe something leightweight?

Wasn't aware of Ruby's `URI::MailTo::EMAIL_REGEXP` yet. "A *practical* regexp"... well, not sure if I want to use it, tho.

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