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This is another track from the new "Depraved" soundtrack which I intended to mimic the old "spaghetti western" style. Guitars played by Glenn Schwärzer

A little taste of the new soundtrack I worked on for the indie game "Depraved" by @evilbitegames out on Steam now!

Our parody is now at 500.000+ views. @kn0nker still needs Patrons to make Book II happen. Are you a supporter? Then click on the Patreon thumbnail at the end of this video:

Had a chance to make some music and SFX for an Avatar: The Last Airbender Parody on Youtube. Views are now at 120.000 and counting

RT ALWAYS wiggle the card reader! Don't get scammed! #InfoSec

me sitting in the back while everyone argues about operating systems:

It still bums me how this PG-13 movie hasn't earned nearly half of its production cost. However I am glad that it is on Netflix now:

Some good friends of mine worked on this Frame Order short (the same guys who did that viral Indiana Jones clip a while ago). Check it out:

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