I'm travelling and will be mostly offline for the next few weeks, maybe month.

See y'all again in June! Don't break the internet while I'm gone. 😉 🖖

So nice to see more people using free and open source tools to produce creative work... and distribute it, too! There's a good article by Roxanne Ritzke over on Opensource.com about her process: red.ht/2pwhQPP

Please mark in your calendars: Next conference is 27-28-29 October in Amsterdam. More information follows in May. #b3d

I've waited sooo long for this! 😯 's has finally been restored - and it looks better than I've ever seen it.

Can't wait to be able to see it in its full glory. <3


so is there some way to see what privacy options were chosen for a toot? Even for my very own toot? I feel like I'm missing something.

Hey @Gargron - any chance we can get a "Turn off boosts" feature in ? The first thing I do when following someone on Twitter is "Turn off Retweets" on their profile because while I'm very interested in their original tweets, a lot of the time I'm not so keen on getting their random retweets in my timeline.

We can disable boosts globally in our feed via the "Show boosts" option but it would be useful to be able to do it on a per-user basis as well. 🙂

I really want to succeed, so I'm contributing 10$ a month on its patreon:

Feel free to join in 👐

Links don't really expand and videos don't really get embedded on the way they are on , or , do they?

Makes it a bit difficult to share articles and videos in an appealing way.

Test: vimeo.com/33283833

Be sure to check instances.mastodon.xyz/list for a full list of instances, as well as being able to order by user count.

What I'm wondering is whether there is a way to view the "Local timeline" of an instance you're not registered on. 🤔

Also: Is there a way to *search* the Federated timeline?

Still need to get a feel for how to best use . 🤔
The instance-based design kind of suggests/encourages a more locally oriented approach whereas most of my internet use, certainly all of my use, is quite location-independent.

And of course whether to stick to English or to write auf Deutsch.

I'm working on a film animated in blender, that will be released as an open movie project - Creative Commons BY SA along with all the production files.
We just made a new work-in-progress teaser, check it out at
wiresforempathy.org mastodon.social/media/EfV_c8yj
(feel free to boost and spread the word!)

An alle toot.berlin user - ist es normal, dass ich nur Posts von Usern auf anderen Instanzen sehen kann, de *nach* meiner Anmeldung hier geschrieben wurden?

Auf mstdn.io (wo ich zuvor einen Account eröffnet habe), sehe ich auch frühere Posts. toot.berlin/media/ZBkaJsqIx3Cx toot.berlin/media/8A2fYpruvi23

Hey Mastodon users! :) Any users or other artists here? Be it from or otherwise?

I'm still figuring this thing here out, so bear with me.


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