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I'm preparing for an experiment: free . Only LineageOS, root and F-Droid. Possibly Amazon and Humble. I have a few apps that I'm still looking for alternatives: Titanium Backup, BP Log, HelloGuestWiFi, Screebl, DWD WarnWetter.
Probably others. Suggestions welcome!

@blindcoder Amazon works fine in a browser, including Prime Video, but even the apps seem to work fine, installed via yalp. Warning/weather apps are all problematic since they all use Google cloud/notification stuff. I've added bookmark icons to some web versions of the apps on my main screen so I can quickly check, but you lose notifications, unfortunately.

@uwehermann I really want to not "cheat" using yalp where possible. Also, the backup using "adb pull" is only half the answer. How do you restore?

@blindcoder adb push? 😉 Followed by a few "restore from backup" operations in a handful of apps. For full dd-style backup images I use TWRP. Might write a blog post about my setup later, we'll see.

blindcoder @blindcoder

@uwehermann I'd be very interested in that!

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