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Things I accomplished during my 4 week vacation (3 weeks in):
[ ] learned a new language
[ ] finished a project
[ ] fixed some bugs
[ ] released a new version
[ ] cleaned up inbox/website
[ ] refactored code
[X] got rid of a bad habit
[X] spent time with family

Feeling: on track - by (@blind_coder) -- posted at 2019-04-21T17:43:41 with

Manche Dinge kann man nie mehr über sehen, wenn man sie einmal bemerkt hat. Wie den Jungen im Intro von "Die Sendung mit dem Elefanten", der nur so tut, als würde er ein Eis essen.

I really do not see any benefits to me as a user from . It circumvents DNS based ad-/malware blockers, it makes local development impossible (/etc/hosts wise) and it's a pain to debug.
Can ANYONE give me the benefits for us endusers? Until then, see attached screenshot.

I'm currently stuck between "I want to continue my work on that project" vs. "I'd really rather use similar projects than roll my own".

Twelve hour production update.
40% of servers showed severe issues after update.
System Administration did not process request for snapshots.
Gut punch.
Manual fallback succeeded after more hours.
Too much excitement.

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A spaceship landed, and an alien emerged.
"Greetings, Humans," it said. "We have come to talk to you about religion."
The watching crowd began to boo. Undeterred, the alien went on.
"The core message of most of your religions is correct: Be excellent to each other. Follow that."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Haven't used visual studio in forever, but that's a neat functionality. … - by (@blind_coder) -- posted at 2019-06-17T16:03:43 with

Hello Twitter. I haven't read you in a few days. What am I supposed to be mad about right now? - by (@blind_coder) -- posted at 2019-06-11T08:37:11 with

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blogged: Experiment: Google free Android usage  - by (@blind_coder) -- posted at 2019-06-03T11:47:33 with

I'm preparing for an experiment: free . Only LineageOS, root and F-Droid. Possibly Amazon and Humble. I have a few apps that I'm still looking for alternatives: Titanium Backup, BP Log, HelloGuestWiFi, Screebl, DWD WarnWetter.
Probably others. Suggestions welcome!

Yes, I would. I would also drink a gallon of orange juice, which has an equal amount of sugar as cola. … - by (@blind_coder) -- posted at 2019-05-31T20:24:30 with

I wonder how much time of life was wasted by websites forcing me through fucking Google CRaptchas. - by (@blind_coder) -- posted at 2019-05-31T06:36:56 with

Ich : toller Tag heute!

Heuschnupfen: - by (@blind_coder) -- posted at 2019-05-28T17:29:52 with

Ich war wählen. Zur Belohnung erst mal ein Eis.
Und du so? - by (@blind_coder) -- posted at 2019-05-26T09:36:01 with

Geht wählen. Die, die ihr nicht haben wollt, gehen auch!
- by (@blind_coder) -- posted at 2019-05-26T08:02:20 with

I've activated for my credit card. My card was promptly deactivated for "suspicious activity". No punchline.
- by (@blind_coder) -- posted at 2019-05-24T16:53:32 with

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