🇬🇧 We no longer federate with counter.social.

This means it is now impossible to see statuses, to follow and to interact in any way with people on this instance.

counter.social blocks whole countries they considerate hostile and we believe this is a huge error. This is pure racism, tainted with hate and we don't want to promote this behavior.

counter.social is the only blocked instance on xyz. While we want to be as open as possible to all opinions, we don't want to be open to fascists.


yeah, that seems like a great reason to ban an instance.


in case anyone didn't know, i am being sarcastic here.

a misinformed blocking policy, largely implemented through cloudflare, while unfortunate, is not really a good reason to block an instance, nor imply that they are fascists.

remember when you block instances, you are punishing *users* not the *owner*


i mean, if you want to ban counter.social, be honest about the real reason: wanting to ban jester and his social circle, because you don't like them.

because really his bad take on anti-abuse policies is not causing your instance any abuse.

and no, i am not *personally* a fan of the guy, but that's no reason to ban his instance.

no to nationalism 

@status @kaniini

I can just describe it from my perspective.
I'm since yesterday calling to kick them out.
I had little knowledge about jester. Someone on twitter mentiond counter .social while I talked about mastodon. So I checked it out.

My desicion to want to get them kicked, was only based on viewing the webpage.
...then I made some more search on jester...and wanted it even more.

But that's not what my decision is based on.


no to nationalism 

@paulfree14 @status @kaniini

Paul... look at the timeline of kaniini ...
Dont wonder why he defends him ^^

no to nationalism 

@baerlinbaer @paulfree14 @status

by the way, i'm not defending jester, i am advocating for being transparent in blocking him instead of using his about page.


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