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Não fizeram até hoje cenas de ação tão bonitas quanto a desse filme. Quem gosta do isopor e dos quinhentos cortes dos filmes da Marvel pra esconder os dublês que me perdoe. Eu gosto de ver paulada raiz assim. youtube.com/watch?v=dStIZZlEvV

Question for my fellow berliners: I received a rent increase letter one day before the rent freeze, am I fucked?

Really good interview with Andy Hunt, writer of The Pragmatic Developer, his vision is a contrast to what Agile has become in the corporate world overcast.fm/+LfVOmI9o4

With Peloton feeling for IPO as well I'm pretty sure in 10 years we're going to look back and see how delusional we were to believe on these unicorn valuations

it's crazy how after I started following GTD my day is much more focused

Today I finished reading Getting Things Done by David Allen. Great ideas on how to improve the way I manage my time and it’s really good to see that I was not doing that bad after learning the book proposal.

I started listening to audiobooks and cannot believe how I never tried it before, listened to a whole book while waiting for my plane this morning

Just finished reading my first book of 2019. I'm committed to read 12 books this year, it seems like a small number but it's proving to be really challenging. I'm sure I'm not the only one that finds super hard to sit down, turn off all distractions and read something nowadays.


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